Join Rick Dyson,  Full Electric Product Sales Manager at Versalift, on a journey as he takes the new VTL All-Electric E-Transit to the APSE show in Aviemore.

Having successfully just covered a 155-mile journey from Kettering to Bristol, Rick had the confidence to set out on a remarkable 400 miles adventure from Derbyshire to Aviemore in Scotland.  Climbing to an altitude of over 400m, Rick had just four recharging stops along the way, showcasing the vehicle’s impressive capabilities on the ultimate test; a long ascent across one of the remotest areas of the UK!

The journey commenced from Perrys Ford, Chesterfield, where the VTL was left on charge overnight, providing a promising 90% charge to kickstart his adventure.

Read below to get an insight into Rick’s journey.


Day one


On day one I headed to Booth’s supermarket in Ripon which was 45 miles away from Perrys Ford. After a brief 30-minute fast charge costing £30, the VTL’s charge level was at 91%, giving an additional 50 miles to its range – I was ready to go.

After travelling for 86 miles, I stopped at the Southwaite Northbound service’s for 1 hour and 10 minutes which cost £45. The VTL now displayed 94% charge, demonstrating its reliable performance on the road.

Leaving Southwaite, I headed for Abington Services which was 66.5 miles. I arrived with 22 miles of charge remaining. Here I stopped for a 40 minute rapid charge costing £41, the charge level climbed to 81%, providing an extended range of 109 miles. It was now onto Glasgow, where I planned to stay for the night.

After driving 40 miles, I arrived at Westwood Spa hotel, located not far from Glasgow, and the VTL showed a respectable 56% charge still available. With only 58 miles to the next stop, I felt reassured by the VTL’s consistent performance throughout the journey.



Day two


On day two I started my journey by heading to a local Tesco supermarket in Carbrain, 6 miles away from where I was staying. The supermarket offered ample space for parking larger E-vehicles, making it a convenient choice. I used the VW E-charging point for 75 minutes, costing £43 – this was nice and easy to use with a simple credit card swipe.



I then continued for the remaining 62 miles and arrived with plenty of time to spare, to enjoy a good evening meal and an ice cold beer, rounding off an exhilarating journey with the VTL All-Electric E-Transit.

My summary


The E-Transit offers excellent performance and comfort for long journeys and comes complete with a user-friendly infotainment and sat-nav system. Whether you’re searching for specific addresses or seeking charging points, this advanced system provides clear and precise guidance, indicating the type of charge and its duration. With this tool at your fingertips, you can easily plan your journey, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable drive.

In summary, the E-Transit successfully completed it’s journey with just four stops, costing me £159 and with an overall charge time of 260 minutes..

To find out more about the NEW VTL135 All-Electric E-transit call the sales team on 01536 721010 or email