We Unveil Our Exciting New Conversion on Renault Trucks


We are excited to announce a new partnership with RH Commercials, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering superior service, support, and innovation.



Meeting Market Demand with Renault Trucks


Driven by customer feedback and market demand, we have recognised the need for a reliable conversion option that prioritises availability and comprehensive support. To address this, we have teamed up with RH Commercials to secure 153 Renault Trucks Masters Red Editions. This partnership ensures that you receive the full benefits of the Masters Red Edition, offering unmatched availability throughout its operational life.


Comprehensive Support Network


You will have access to repair and maintenance services at nearly 80 dealer points across the UK and Ireland through the extensive Renault Trucks Network. Additionally, you can benefit from a two-year extended warranty on spare parts installed by approved Renault Trucks repairers, providing optimal protection and excellent value for your investment.


A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction


Andy Bray, our Managing Director¬† has emphasized the strategic reasons behind choosing Renault: “We chose to build on Renault for its availability, ease of business, and exceptional support, aligning perfectly with our commitment to customer satisfaction.”


Enhancing Productivity and Innovation and Leading-Edge Technology and Performance


This partnership brings numerous advantages to you, including enhanced productivity, readily available stock, competitive pricing, and proven engineering. With extensive experience working with Renault at Versalift France, we are set to deliver excellent quality and reliability with every conversion.

The market-leading VTL, mounted on Renault trucks, offers increased working heights of up to 14 meters, providing unmatched versatility and performance. Additionally, the introduction of the innovative VTE-125 sets this partnership apart from competitors. This new model features cutting-edge technology designed to optimise performance and efficiency.


The VTE-125: A Low-Cost, High-Productivity Solution


The VTE-125 stands out as a cost-effective, high-productivity alternative. It boasts easy setup and use, high-strength steel construction for improved durability, and innovative green solutions with full-electric technology.

The new VTE-125 conversion emphasizes our dedication to providing high ROI solutions that combine low cost with high productivity and proven engineering. Designed to combat inflation and simplify operations, the VTE-125 is an ideal choice for telecoms maintenance and infrastructure installation.



A Milestone in Innovation and Customer Satisfaction


In summary, the new conversion on Renault Trucks represents a significant milestone for Versalift United Kingdom Limited. It reinforces our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and market leadership, ensuring we  continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on how this exciting partnership will benefit you.