Pick-up mounted platforms from Versalift

With the right pick-up mounted aerial platform, you get acces to rural areas both on and off road. The pick-up mounted platforms from Versalift have an articulated boom and can with the double A-frame outriggers give you a compact setup.

The boom is manufactured from ultra-high strength steel, which delievers exceptional rigidity and smooth operation - and a low travel height.

With a working height of 13.6m, the pick-up mounted platforms from Versalift are perfect for Telecoms, the Arborist community and Utilities.

A VTA135-H platform mounted on Isuzu and Toyota

The VTA135-H boom is mounted on Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux. The pick-ups are ideal for mounting a cherry picker that can help you reach the right working height.

The vehicles have 4-wheel drive, which makes it possible for you to travel on bumby and challenging roads while carrying the heavy loads. This gives you the ability to bring the platform into forests, to cell towers and to highways. And you can drive the vehicles on a standard license.

VT135-H Isuzu and Toyota have two year warranty and are National Small Series Type Approved (NSSTA), which allows fast delivery.

Pick-up mounted cherry picker

A pick-up mounted cherry picker is a popular choice all over UK. And the interest is growing in the northern European countries as well. This is caused by the increased understanding of pick-up mounted platforms’ benefits.

Pick-up mounted aerial platforms can be used for off-road light maintenance as well as streetlightning. They are light and compact compared to other regular vans and chassis, which means that they fit in narrow paths, inner city areas and parks where bigger vehicles can’t acces.

Get the right certification for using pick-up mounted platforms

If you or your staff need any training for using pick up mounted platforms, we got you covered. Our qualified instructors will insure that your staff get the right training for our platforms. 

We offer both IPAF trainings, CAP training and other trainings for operating MEWPs. 

Read more about our trainings.